Automatic Winners Review – Real Scalping Software?

Review of Automatic Winners by Vincent Armitage will see if this horse racing scalping software is legit or hype.

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Automatic Winners Review

Automatic Winners by Vincent Armitage is a new launch on Clickbank for horse racing scalping software.

The unique aspect of this system is that it is created by an IT expert who after years of trial and error finally came up with his own software to generate a profit in the horse racing markets.

automatic winners

He is now letting others get access to the same software and his level of expertise at combining the technical trading algorithmic aspects of the industry with the knowledge of the horses, jockeys, race courses, and form himself.

Does Automatic Winners Really Work?

In this review of Automatic Winners it is worth pointing out that there are never any guarantees of success with this type of system.

Some people will make money with Automatic Winners and others will not.

It is more down to the individual bank management of the member rather than the actual picks that Vincent Armitage may make.

Although, with a software application it should hopefully take a bit of that decision making process out of the equation.

The people that tend to do well will stay consistent with low stake sizes and not deviate from their gameplan. That way they will not get wiped out after a string of losses.

The people that lose will try and double up on the next punt to try and recover winnings and end up losing their initial bankroll pretty quickly after just a few losing bets in a row.

Even with other system reviews we have explained that not everyone gets results. This was mentioned in posts about Explode My Payday, Wealth Project, Flat Belly Fix, 15 Minute Manifestation and Voice Cash Pro.

Automatic Winners Testimonials

They have typed up Automatic Winners testimonials on the official website.

It is good to see some positive feedback from customers, although it would add more credibility to these reviews if they were screenshots of emails or social media posts rather than manually typed-up.

automatic winners scalping softwareWith these type of products it is always hard to tell if the reviews are real or not.

Obviously, they have hand picked the best performing members so there is no guarantee that the typical user will be able to replicate that level of success.

As with any of these software downloads the typical person tends to struggle due to poor discipline. And then the big winners they highlight in the testimonials are to help paint the product in the best possible light to encourage sales.

The Automatic Winners Formula

Vincent Armitage has typed up a number of bullet points to summarise his Automatic Winners formula that is used within this horse racing scalping software download.

He takes into account a lot of different factors including horse and jockey form, race time and conditions, owner history, type of course, type of race and much more.

The slightly strange thing is that scalping is more to do with the price action on the exchanges rather than previous form.

You are looking for the odds to be relatively consistent and just fluctuate up and down a bit so you can make lots of quick in and out trades.

So the previous form is unlikely to impact that short term price movement before the race starts for scalping purposes. Perhaps it does help place picks for outright winners and losers as well and in that case these form statistics will obviously come in handy.

Automatic Winners Review Summary

In summary of this Automatic Winners review, it looks like an interesting take on horse racing software done by an IT expert.

The testimonials look good, but the income claims seem pretty high and it is hard to tell if that is going to be realistic for the typical member to achieve or not.

Automatic Winners is also sold via the Clickbank platform. This is good news because they are a trusted company that has been in business for over 15 years and really does treat customers well.

With Clickbank you are protected by their safe/secure checkout cart, discreet purchase, product guarantee and customer support.

You are also not paying the vendor directly for this type of system, but the Clickbank digital retailer that acts as the middleman in a similar way that Amazon does for physical products.

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