CB Wealth Review – $29K Net Scam?

Review of CB Wealth .Net sees if this is a legitimate Clickbank system or another scam to give a miss?

Not sure about a CB Wealth Scam, but as part of this CBWealth.Net review we can instantly see that they make some very outlandish income claims that look very unrealistic indeed.

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CB Wealth Review

In this CB Wealth review (of the Clickbank cbwealth.net system) we can see that not only are there big income claims made in the testimonials, but that they do not make it clear what the method is that they teach.

cb wealth review

Is it ecommerce marketing, drop shipping, Amazon affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency investing?

It is not clear. That is probably deliberate as they want members to buy the program in order to discover the method that they actually use.

In fact, that kind of intrigue can increase sales conversions so they are deliberately not letting people know much about their system.

They will have to buy first to find out.

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CBWealth.Net Review

Also worth pointing out in this CBWealth.Net Review is the fact that the sales page starts with testimonials from so-called customers.

Some of the income claims they come out with are crazy.

Many of the customers are making thousands per day after having only just activated the program. This seems very unrealistic indeed and not what the typical beginner to this industry achieves.

There is also not a name or face to the creator of the CB Wealth System. It is just an anonymous voice reading from a script. More transparency is good to see with these type of Clickbank launches.

CB Wealth Scam or Legit?

Not sure about a CB Wealth scam as you will probably learn some interesting tactics in terms of how to do affiliate marketing and promote other peoples products for commissions.

But it is important to have more realistic expectations than what the CB Wealth .net sales page gives off.

Here are some affiliate marketing tips to help with this industry.

Instead of creating your own sales funnel, join make money online opportunities that give it to you out of the box.

cb wealth

Focus on income generating activities each day. And hit them hard. Many people get distracted by hanging out on Facebook, answering emails, designing a new website graphic etc. But you need to focus on tasks that directly result in traffic, leads and sales. Things like buying solo ads, writing articles, publishing content to your blog, creating a YouTube video, submitting documents to document sharing sites like Slideshare and Scribd etc.

Does CB Wealth .Net Work?

As part of this review of CBWealth.Net, here are some affiliate marketing tips and tricks to try out.

Easy Recruiting – Affiliate marketing systems should make network marketing recruiting an easy and stress free process. You don’t want to have to persuade people to join your team and tempt them with bonuses etc. You want people to have to persuade you why you should let them join your team! You are the leader and with internet network marketing strategies, you should have a constant stream of interested prospects arriving to you. Also, the system that is in place should persuade the prospects to join on your behalf so you can do your MLM recruiting as you sleep!

You can find high priced Amazon products to sell within your free affiliate marketing systems. Many high ticket products are physical products and Amazon is a great place to search for this. Amazon products can be ordered by price. So go into a category such as household or garden equipment and list it with most expensive items first and see what pops up. Look for items with well respected brand names that cost a lot and have good demand.

Solo Ads – This can potentially be a way for how to earn money fast on the internet with your free affiliate marketing systems, but it can also be a way for how to lose money fast! A solo ad will get lots of traffic to your landing page instantly. But you need to have put in the effort to have tested your squeeze page and sales funnel to make sure everything is converting.

CB Wealth Review Summary

CB Wealth is a typical hyped-up launch in the “make money online” niche.

They teach you how to build an income with affiliate marketing. This is a legitimate business to get involved with, but they make it sound way too easy with the big income claims and testimonials that they provide.

Members will probably learn some tips and tricks of value inside the training area. But many will quit because they are not raking in the cash as the sales page said they would.

In any case, I hope this CB Wealth review was of some help to you!

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