Lotto Annihilator Review – Richard Lustig for the WIN?

Richard Lustig review of Lotto Annihilator (2019) reveals whether this is a winner or just a Lotto Annihilator scam?

Our Lotto Annihilator review talks about Richard Lustig, his sales page, the testimonials and the Clickbank marketplace they have decided to see the product with.

Product Name: Lotto Annihilator

Author: Richard Lustig

Official Website: CLICK HERE

Lotto Annihilator Review

Richard Lustig Lotto Annihilator is a lottery number picker software. Our review sees if it is the real deal or just some sort of scam.

Does not appear to be a Lotto Annihilator scam since Richard Lustig is a well known individual in this space.

It is Richard Lustig’s statistical formula that has been used to create a system that takes inputs (past lotto winners etc) and spits out lottery numbers for customers to use.

The software is accessed via the members area online so there is no complicated download to your computer that is needed.

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Does It Actually Work?

With most of these lottery products it is all down to luck so there are not going to be guarantees of Lotto Annihilator working, and they do not claim it will on the sales page either.

It is simply a more consistent and professional process of picking out lottery numbers for a more focused approach than randomly picking different numbers each time.

So customers will feel happy that they have a new more professional and statistical approach to this than they had before and that is the benefit of this system that Richard Lustig has put together.

Richard Lustig Lotto Annihilator Review

As part of this review of Lotto Annihilator (2019) let us talk a bit about the software creator: Richard Lustig.

Many product launches like this tend to use a fake pen name to protect the real identity of the vendor, but that is not the case here as a real lottery winner is behind this one with his real name attached.

Richard Lustig is a proven multiple time lottery winner and he has decided to create a software algorithm based upon his past winnings and approach to selecting numbers. He has essentially “reverse engineered” his methodology for others to copy.

Lotto Annihilator Scam?

Lotto Annihilator does not look like a scam, but some people may think the sales page is a bit hyped-up.

That is likely to get people excited about the product they have on offer to encourage more people to buy!

And another reason it is not a scam is that they do not guarantee customers that they will win and make a bunch of money. They aim to not give users unrealistic expectations coming into this software.

They have 2 forms of the sales page: a video presentation and a more traditional text based sales letter.

The text version is basically the exact same information but for those that prefer to read.

They include testimonials for Lotto Annihilator as well as proof of winnings as well as professional photographs of Richard Lustig’s media appearances and meetings with various celebrities.

Lotto Annihilator Testimonials

It is good to see the transparency in the Lotto Annihilator testimonials as they provide screenshots of emails, social media posts, and also the actual winning tickets of his students.

They have chosen the best outcomes to highlight in the sales page, however the typical customer is unlikely to be able to replicate that success as it is all down to luck. But it is positive signs indeed to see so many happy people as a part of their dealings with Richard Lustig.

Download Lotto Annihilator

The Lotto Annihilator download is only available on the official website, which uses the Clickbank retailer to process payments and provide the secure access links.

So there are no discounted 3rd party options available on the likes of Amazon or Ebay or other websites.

It is good that Richard Lustig has selected Clickbank as the retailer as they have a very private and secure checkout process and they have excellent customer support and a reliable product guarantee.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Lotto Annihilator review.

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