The China Secret Scam – Review Of $9 System

Is The China Secret scam taking place in 2018/2019 or can you make money with the $9 Clickbank system? This review takes a look!

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the china secret review

Is The China Secret A Scam?

No The China Secret scam by the looks of it since this system teaches you how to generate an income on the internet with a unique strategy called messenger marketing.

Another cool thing is that the product only costs $9 where as most of these Clickbank launches cost around $37 or $47. However, there are going to be optional upgrades on the backend to make the most from this marketing tactic.

Messenger marketing involves using the mechanism to send messages to other users on various social media platforms. The actual money is made by promoting products in these products whether it be online business opportunities, digital affiliate programs, or ecommerce websites.

To make this method work, however, it is going to be important not to aimlessly spam people with messages. Hopefully The China Secret messenger system on Clickbank teaches how to add value and build relationships before just promoting your link.

Also worth looking at is if the social media platforms offers targeted paid advertising options to make sure you are reaching an audience that is likely to be interested in what you are offering.

Either way, a spam based approach is going to lead to your social media account being shut down.

The China Secret System Review

In this The China Secret review of the $9 Clickbank system in 2019 let us talk a bit more about the sales page on the official website.

Whilst not a scam by the looks of it, the sales video is fairly stranger. The narrator says he is a man in his 50’s from the USA but the audio sounds like a guy in his 20’s or 30’s from the UK!

Perhaps the system creator did not want to read out the sales video presentation script himself and therefore decided to hire a voice over artist to do it instead.

Also the $146K figure sounds pretty high for the sort of money a newbie can expect to receive with this. But the good thing is that they do not guarantee that customers of this system will make that kind of money to start with. Instead, the system creator is just reporting his own results.

the china secret scam

The website also follows the stand sort of layout with an eye catching headline, with a video presentation underneath, and an email submit box to lead to the checkout form. This is also the case with the Explode My Payday offer. Also, there is a text based version of the sales page that people whom prefer to read can click through to.

The China Secret Review Summary

Finally, to finish of this The China Secret scam or not blog post let us talk about how this is sold via the Clickbank platform. This is good because you are protected by their private and secure checkout mechanism, customer support, product guarantee as well as trust and authority of the company themselves.

You are paying the Clickbank digital retailer directly for this rather than the creator of the product which puts some people’s minds at rest when getting involved with these types of online business training systems.

It does not like an interesting internet marketing strategy to learn as well. Most recent offers seem to talk about making money with Amazon, Shopify, or Clickbank affiliate marketing by building websites. But this is an exciting new traffic generation strategy to add in to the mix.

But it will be important for people to use value based and targeted advertising via these platforms as to not raise any red flags for spam or anything like that. So these methods should be implemented in a professional and responsible manner.

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Anyhow, thanks for going through this The China Secret review.

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