Wealth Project Review – 21 Click SCAM?

Wealth Project Review – can you really make $17,520 in 1 week with 21 clicks? Or is there a wealthproject.net scam going on?

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Wealth Project Review

Wealth Project is a new Clickbank system. This review will see if you can really make money online usuing this software or is it just a scam to give a wide birth?

Is hard to tell if it is a Wealth Project scam because beyond all the hype and big income claims there is probably going to be a system and some training that will help beginners get started in the home business industry faster than if they were going at it alone and teaching themselves.

So there is bound to be a few cool tricks and strategies that you will discover using this program, it is just unlikely that the sort of money descripted in the sales video is going to be made by much people.

The testimonials they talk about will come from 1 or 2 top members whom probably had a good bit of prior digital marketing experience before they downloaded this app. The typical newbie is most probably going to struggle to get those kind of results right away.

Wealth Project Review – The Method A Scam?

In this Wealth Project review let’s see if the actual money making method used with the Clickbank wealthproject.net system is a scam or not.

It is not actually clear what the strategy they will teach you and how the system they give you to download will work and what the business model is. With these type of affiliate launches that is often the case though as they want to entice you to download the software just to discover how they are making Real Profits Online with the system.

However, it does look like this is an offer than uses affiliate marketing in conjunction with ecommerce platforms like Amazon or Clickbank. This is a real strategy that many people are already doing as the main source of income in their online business.

The basic nature of this business model is creating your own simple websites that talk about various products listed on these platforms. And then you do internet marketing to attract web visitors and those visitors are diverted to the sales page of these products via your own unique affiliate link.

When someone buys a product via your link then it is tracked back to you and you earn a commission.

It looks like the Wealth Project System will give you a turnkey website along with training and tools to help you get started by promoting affiliate programs online. The only problem is that it is unlikely to immediately start making money as soon as you download it. It will require work and effort on your part to effectively promote it on the internet.

Wealth Project Download via Clickbank

The Wealth Project download is via the Clickbank platforms which is good to see. That is a well respected company in the digital marketplace that has a strong 15 year track record of looking after customers well.

So you are not paying the software creators directly and hoping they do not do a runner! Instead you are making the payment via the safe and secure Clickbank checkout mechanism which also protects you with customer support, product guarantee, and legitimate download links with private access.

Either way, this does not look like a scam but they do seem to give new members slightly unrealistic expectations with the sort of income proof they are talking about.

Thanks for reading this review of Wealth Project.

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